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Blue Protocol

Since its closed alpha test announcement, the official Twitter account for Blue Protocol has published a series of alpha test version character creation videos and tidbits about each of the four classes playable during the test.

Get the roundup of videos and information below.

Character Creation Video #1: Ossan (via)

Character Creation Video #2: Beauty (via)

For hair color, you can choose a single color or gradient your hair with two colors. You can also apply different colors to each eye.

Character Creation Video #3: Boy (via)

Character Creation Video #4: Sexy (via)

Aegis Fighter Combat Gameplay (via)

Class Details: Aegis Fighter (via)

A close-range combat class that wields a sword and sturdy shield while fighting on the front lines. Balanced in both offense and defense, this class aims to crush its enemies while maintaining high defense and reading the enemy tactics.

Class Details: Twin Striker (via)

A close-range combat class that wields a pair of giant axes. A valiant class that utilizes strong skills and always fights on the front lines.

Class Details: Blast Archer (via)

A long-range combat class that wields a high-speed bow that can pierce through anything. With a wide array of long-range combat tactics, this class maintains distance from the enemy while ascertaining their status and aiming for their weak point.

Class Details: Spellcaster (via)

A long-range combat class that wields a staff, and can manipulate / convert Engram. With control over elements like fire, ice, and electricity, this high-power class can fire off skills one after the other.

Blue Protocol is in development for PC. The closed alpha test will run from July 26 to 28 in Japan.

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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