Blizzard Adding New Overwatch Social Features to Please Fans


Blizzard Adding New Overwatch Social Features to Please Fans

June 7, 2018Written by Uros Pavlovic

Overwatch Social Features coming

In the latest video developer update for Overwatch, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan takes the opportunity to outline upcoming social features for the incredibly popular multiplayer shooter. These social features are going to hit the game in the future, but are currently in testing on the PTR.

You can have a look at the full dev diary below:

Check out the table of contents:

00:18 – We have two new upcoming social features: Endorsements and Looking for Group!
00:52 – Recognize players in three different ways: Sportsmanship, Good Teammate, and Shot caller
04:55 – Players who consistently maintain a high endorsement level will be rewarded periodically
05:17 – Looking for Group is coming your way!
05:17 – Craft your gameplay experience using specific parameters to create your dream team
07:35 – Attack and Defense heroes will now be merged under a new category: DAMAGE!
08:30 – Player profiles can now be set as private, friends only, or public
09:12 – Our Symmetra re-work will go live in the next patch!
09:30 – The Horizon Lunar Colony map will also receive several significant changes
10:12 – More social systems are on the way, two in the summer followed by another later in the year
10:35 – Thank you for watching—we hope you enjoy the features!

Jeff offers explains how they have intended to incorporate these features for quite some time, seeing as the community has been asking for them. Among these changes are Endorsements to reward consistent contributors and Looking for Group to assist with matchmaking.

[Source: PlayOverwatch]

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