Bethesda Says The Elder Scrolls VI is “Just Single-Player”


Bethesda Says The Elder Scrolls VI is “Just Single-Player”

June 22, 2018Written by Chandler Wood

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E3 2018 had some good games to show off, but it also had a series of nothing announcements, confirmation of a game’s title and existence with little else to really go on. The Elder Scrolls VI was one of those announcements with little more than a sweeping view of some trees, fog, and mountains, before playing a new version of the now well-known theme and showing off the title card. Yup, The Elder Scrolls VI is coming, but it won’t be here for a while and we know next to nothing about it. We don’t even know the release date. Well, Todd Howard does, but he’s not about to say anything.

One thing we do know for certain is that The Elder Scrolls VI is a single-player game. It won’t go the route of Fallout 76, which is an all-online version of Fallout. In fact, Bethesda’s announcement of Fallout 76 is what prompted them to announce The Elder Scrolls VI so early. In an interview with Bethesda’s VP of Marketing Pete Hines, discovered that the studio wanted to set out a roadmap for where the company is going. Their next title is Fallout 76, with the mysterious new IP Starfield following that, and finally The Elder Scrolls VI sometime after that one.

The announcement also allowed the studio to reassure fans that the company is not pivoting to an all-online ecosystem for their games. After last year’s #SavePlayer1 campaign to highlight single-player experiences, The Elder Scrolls VI announcement was largely to let people know that a massive single-player RPG is in the pipeline. Hines explained their logic for the early announcement.

[The announcement] also helps convince folks, like, look, this is not forever-more what we’re doing. We are going to do a game that’s just single-player next time around, and yes, we are going to get to Elder Scrolls 6. There’s going to be a long time before we’re ready to talk about what those are, because we want the time between when we start to talk about it and it comes out to not be two years long or three years long. But it just gives folks a better idea of where we’re headed and understanding what the studio is working on and trying to do.

It looks like Bethesda simply wanted to give everyone a heads up on what’s coming, and will start the conversation about the details closer to actual release. If Hines’s comments about not wanting two or three year-long waits are anything to go by, it’s possible that we won’t see Starfield until 2020 and The Elder Scrolls VI until 2021, but at least we know that they are on the roadmap, and that Bethesda hasn’t completely ditched single-player experiences.

[Via: PCGamer]

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