Best Things to Buy for 100 Dollars

Best Things to Buy for 100 Dollars

AndroidTechNews.Com – I make a special choice with a prize of less than $ 100 each so you can prepare for your next trip, holiday season or give yourself because I’m sure you deserve it. To give you a little extra time to use Amazon, I suggest you read :

Best Things to Buy for 100 Dollars

Polaroid Cube | $ 96.99

Want a sports camera to make all the amazing photos without spending GoPro worth $ 400? Just choose the Polaroid Cube which, moreover, still records in HD – and is about the size of death. By choosing a particular color, you can pay less than $ 90 for one color.

ION Audio Air LP | $ 79.99

Are you the type of person who still enjoys the sound of vinyl? Then you can join the best of two worlds: with this player, you can send sound to the device you want through Bluetooth or connect it to a professional box using an RCA cable. Break even still converts vinyl sounds into digital files with the help of USB.

Fatboy Transloetje | $ 94.95

I have enjoyed Fatboy’s old lights when I saw a new collection of transparent lampshades – now I buy mine! It can be refilled, it does not need to be installed for weeks and is a real, living or dead work of art.

S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle | U $ 25

Do you already know the S’well thermal bottle? In the gym there is a parade: from gold to red each treadmill has one. They are very cute, even the price is comparable to the design: in the news lines in shades of wood each is left around 25 dollars.

Marvis Toothpaste Collection | U $ 36

The seven tubes of toothpaste from Marvis that aside from a pleasant breath still kill hunger – is that the taste provides satiety, with flavors such as cinnamon, mint, and ginger. Full set for $ 36.

Sugru Molding Glue (package with eight) | $ 19.90

Sugru is a glue maker that comes to bring peace of mind to iPhone owners who are tired because of the cable breaks. For $ 21 you take a set with eight dead models which after being handled dry like Durepoxi are flexible. It is also used to grab, protect machines, electronics, and many other things.

Hand Pen Place | $ 18.55

I have that hand and I think it’s amazing how he sits at the table. Made of hard plastic, it looks like plaster. The handle is magnetized so you can place the clip, as seen in the photo. Original prize for less than 20 dollars. We recommend you to buy this.

Philips Hue Bloom $ 59.99

With this Philips lamp, you can change the color of the white wall by touch via the mobile application. The possibilities are endless, you can even copy the color of something that appears in a magazine or the color of someone’s clothes to play camouflage. $ 60.

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