Best Technology Sites that present Trusted Facts

Best Technology Sites that present Trusted Facts
Best Technology Sites that present Trusted Facts

AndroidTechNews.Com – technological developments. If not, we will be left behind. It cannot be denied that currently, technology continues to experience a very sharp increase, even more so in some countries that are in the developing category. So, from there so that we are always updated, of course, we must have references every day.

Well, from this reason I will provide info on some of the best technology sites that you can follow. This site is not too well known in the world, but already has a network of reporters that have spread in several countries. from there we will always be able to keep abreast of developments that might reference for all of us.

Best Trusted Technology Sites

As I said at the beginning of the paragraph that if we don’t update we will be outdated. from there I have prepared some of the best technology sites that you can always join. Some of these blogs have indeed been proven to provide very accurate news from time to time, so you don’t need to worry anymore about how the news is read, the following are the best technology sites that I mean.


AndroidTechNews is the latest technology site to be chosen only because the author wants to elevate his site to the Best Technology Sites in Indonesia. So apologize if there is an information error, AndroidTechNews is a technology site that includes news about the latest technology news, hardware, military android, mobile phones, gaming, consoles and window.

Here also provides an Amazon store about handpones that try to be applied to the blog. This site was only established on October 2018 which is still less than 1 year old.

Technology News

Technology News provides technology news about mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gadgets, hardware, games, cameras, software and robots. In addition to reporting in full and updated, Technology News also provides video reviews of the latest technologies that we can directly on the website page. If you want to subscribe to get information about technology from Technology News, you can register at the very bottom of the website.

Technology Info

Info Teknologi is also one of the updated technology news sites that you can make a trusted source of information. Info Technology provides news in 8 categories, namely cellular, android, windows, software, hardware, tutorial, network, and internet. Information technology also provides a page that contains suggestions about what new games you should download. I’m sure you will always get the hottest news about the world of technology from this blog. So, it is very appropriate to call Best Technology Sites.


In its website, Gizmo writes that wants to be part of a technology news site in Indonesia that presents clear and accurate technology news content. Gizmo provides news about the latest technology, including news about Gadgets, Smartphones, Computer Devices, Breakthrough Technology to Home Entertainment Products related to technology and consumers. Nothing can worry you about some of these blogs, because this is the Best Best Technology Sites that provide facts every day.


Another technology news site that you can use as a source of information about technology, namely Eannovate. Eannovate provides updated, complete, and trusted technology news. Like future technologies, reviews of applications, tips for those of you who want to buy a gadget, and more. Besides providing it in desktop form, Eannovate also makes it easy for you Android users to get information on technology by downloading the application.

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