Best Technology Most Popular Blogs for Students

Best technology most popular blogs for students

AndroidTechNews.Com – Information is a source of strength. With the right information, you will be able to make big moves. As a computer science student, there are several places where you can get separate knowledge and information from the class. One of them is through computer science blogs. With blogs, especially technology blogs, you will know a lot. Don’t worry, in this article, we summarize the best technology blogs for computer science students.

Communications of the ACM

Communications of the ACM is one of the leading online publications for the computer and technology-related fields. It is a resource center for many technology professionals. This blog has built a good reputation for publishing credible and reliable content. This blog has more than 100,000 loyal members. Most of these members have strong backgrounds in computer science and related fields. These are the best technology blogs that you can follow.

Lambda the Ultimate

If you are looking for information that will help you in the academic field or just want to learn something that will improve your career, this is a site that you must follow. After becoming a member, you can post content in the form of questions, announcements or even general statements. This content is moderated to ensure that it is in line with programming and computer science. If you are looking for information technology, then this is the best technology blogs.

Computational Complexity

It always feels better to read content that has been published by industry experts. Information from them will always be accurate and written from experience. Well, that’s what you will feel when you read the Computational Complexity blog. This blog was started by Lance and Bill, both professors in various fields of computer science. They publish different articles on core topics in computer science such as cybersecurity and programming. This blog content is ideal for someone who wants to dig deeper into computer science. You will get some valuable information needed.

MIT Technology Review

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the manager of this blog. This blog is rich in content related to computer science and technology. The university specializes in research which means that the content published on the site is credible and trustworthy. MIT’s blog technology review covers all types of computer science topics. Everything about academic content or the latest technological developments is here. This blog is ideal for students who want to study computer science or even experts. We recommend your best technology blogs.

Treehouse blog

Treehouse is a popular learning center for students who want to become experts in coding. In addition to coding, this blog covers various topics that are useful for computer science students. Some articles are quite motivating, especially for those who want to enter the technology arena but are still a little afraid. Now that’s a recommendation for 5 blogs about computer science. You will get various information that will help you explore computer science from various perspectives. Don’t hesitate to visit this site.

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