Best Tech News App In The World 2019

Best Tech News App In The World 2019
Best Tech News App In The World 2019
Best Tech News App In The World 2019

AndroidTechNews.Com – A long with the development eitw technology, newspaper, tabloid, and even radio broadcasts it seems to have become a part of the past. Plus, in this era there have been many news sources that do not need to rely on advertisers approval to deliver news that does not contain bias. Therefore, through this article we will review some of the best news aplications on Android, whose main function is to deliver news to users quickly and without bias.

According to articles written in journalism, on average 62% of the population of the world’s first countries say that they use smartphone to acces on the internet. However, at the same time, 54% agreed that they were also worried about fake news or hoaxs that were spread on the internet, especially on the media.See the following this of the best tech news apps.


As the name suggests, this site discusses tech news, hardware, android, mobile phones, gaming, consoles, and windows. there are good content like best offline android games, you will also find forums, videos, and downloadable material. Details: all free and high quality. This is the best tech blog sites that you can follow every post.

Google News

The googles news application (formerly known as the Play Newsstand) is widely known for delivering relevant news through news feeds using AI technology. The “For You” tab in the application displays important and relevant headlines and news developments, where the list of news items is personalized based on user activity on the Google platform. The “Full Coverage” tab, on the other hand, will also display the same news published by different publishers by highlighting all news topics. This is the best tech news app for you.


the best tech news app on other Androids is Flipboard. This application has an elegant interface and design. The print-style page layout makes it easy for users to navigate. For news delivery, Flipboard will analyze news or publishers that are frequently visited by users, and offer similar news or publishers. Flipboard also has a ‘Magazine’ feature that can be used to store news. Other features include ‘See less new stories like this” and “Mute site” to reduce the amount of news displayed by a publisher.

Microsoft News

Formerly known as MSN News, this Microsoft news application for Android offers a great experience, and its structured design will help users navigate efficiently. Users can personalize the news that they want to display by logging in to a Microsoft account. In addition, users can also synchronize this with other platforms from Microsoft, such as on or on the Microsoft Edge news feed. Through the settings tab, users have the option to choose news editions from different countries. However, users will be presented with annoying advertisements.

BBC News

BBC News is the most famous news provider in the world. They are known for presenting unbiased and sensational news. The official news application from BBC News was made to convey their vision. This application displays news from every country at once. The News Feed section comes with different layout options and even has a live streaming news channel in the application. Users can also change notification settings and disable synchronization running in the background. Can’t doubt that this is the best tech news app.

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