33 Best Tech Blog And Sites To Follow In 2019

25 Best Tech Blog And Sites To Follow In 2019
33 Best Tech Blog And Sites To Follow In 2019
33 Best Tech Blog And Sites To Follow In 2019

AndroidTechNews.Com – The web or site allows users to share news, gossip, opinions, useful tricks, resources and other cool things globally on the web. There are around 156 million public sites available and to make a site is not too difficult because many facilities providers make the site free or paid.

Everyone can create their own site; either by making it for free or by buying a domain. With quality content or good management, not infrequently the site can also become popular and make money. Here is the list of the most popular Best Sites For Technology Information in the world, which was reported by the Richest based on the number of views and popularity throughout the world.

Best Sites For Technology Information

1. Buzzfeed

Buzz Feed is an American site owned by Buzz Feed Inc. This site combines a technology platform to detect content viruses with an editorial selection process to provide a snapshot of web viruses in real time. Buzz Feed was founded by Jonah Peretti in 2006. This is the Best Sites For Technology Information to date.

2. Business Insider

Business Insider contains all information concerning business and technology. Founded by Double Click, this site provides business news and collects news from around the world. Business Insider even won the title of the best business website from Webby in 2009. The site also has 54 million unique visitors.

3. Mashable

Mashable is one site that contains news, technology, and social media founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005. It has around 50 million visitors per month, Twitter followers who also number more than 3 million and more than 1 million fans on Facebook. Mashable is listed as one of the 25 best sites by Time magazine.

4. Gawker

Gawker is based in New York and contains news that focuses on celebrities. Gawker was founded by Nick Denton in 2003 and this site usually publishes around 20-30 posts every day. The story of the site generally comes from anonymous tips from the media, site users and other sites.

5. Tmz

TMZ is a news site about celebrities and owned by Time Warner. this site was created in 2005 and in 2011 it was estimated that the revenue owned by TMZ was around $ 15 million. TMZ is one of the most successful online site businesses of the last few years provided by the New York Times.

6. Deadspin

Deadspin is a sports site owned by Gawker Media. this site posts comments, recap and also previews of sports news and various rumors. The visitor record obtained by Deadspin was 462 million unique visitors and 573 million views. Wow, Amazing !! deserves to be included in the Best Sites For Technology Information list.

7. Mediaite

Mediaite is a site for news and opinions, politics and entertainment. And Abrams launched this site in July 2009 and now Mediaite has an average of 1 million visitors per month. Creating a site can not only give satisfaction to yourself but also can bring benefits to the owner. With the increasing number of people using the internet today, the greater the potential for a site to get visitors. Of course, you must be smart in choosing domain names, topics and also creative in writing content.

8. CNet

Among the top sites, CNet is the best technology news site to get information about gadgets, technology, reviews on smart phones, video technology. Cnet also provides the latest topics such as smart home devices and electronic accessories related to cars. Cnet publishes unusual product reviews and teaches users to learn how to get the most from the device. Cnet also provides free downloads for most software, mobile applications and free games on its site and is therefore very popular among technology lovers and that is why we chose this website at the top for the top technology news sites.

9. The Verge

TheVerge was founded in 2011 in partnership with Vox media, becoming very popular in a very short time. It covers most topics about technology such as smartphones, apples, android, ios, google, laptop reviews and tablet reviews and others. Verge allows readers to compare product specifications and availability of research products.

They display product reviews for consumer electronics. Laptops & smart phones are the most widely reviewed products. The product will receive a “Verge Score” from 10. Users can also submit reviews on the threshold for the products they buy.

10. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is one of the high-tech news sites that provides the latest news on everything related to new technology. They also review the latest internet products and see beginner profiles. TechCrunch.com has up to 12 million unique visitors and 37 million page views per month and these statistics show how popular the site is. They also have other crunchbase products and are used for start-up companies, companies and investors. The product will be useful for technicians who are curious about beginner companies and popular companies.

11. TheNextWeb

Founded in 2006, TheNextWeb is now the largest online publisher in the world that provides up-to-date information for internet technology, new devices & info related to technology companies. More than just publishing a company, it looks like the appearance of user blogs and websites is very smooth and relatively easy to use compared to other technology news sites. They also arranged conferences especially for technicians to connect them in one place and they conducted this conference throughout the world. Stay updated about all conferences by clicking the link mentioned below.

12. EnGadget

EnGadget, was founded in 2004 that presents game, equipment, culture and science news to increase the presence of readers on technology-related news sites. EnGadget is a web magazine that covers information related to consumer electronics and gadgets every day.

13. DigitalTrends

Digital Trends is a premium source for getting the latest technology info and unusual product reviews from laptops, tablets, smartphones, hdtvs and smartwatches. Digital Trends Mission to help their visitors understand new technologies and improve their lives. Their motto is that every technician is related. It’s all visible from the site’s motto. We love, live and breathe technology.

14. TechRadar

Techradar, as the name suggests includes technology news related to all new items for smartphones, tablets and laptops. They also publish top-ranking smartphones every year. Techradar.com also includes news about new cameras, usable devices, android applications and iOS applications. This site also ranks first on Google every year.

15. Arstechnica

Arstechnica, which was founded in 1998, is one of the oldest technology news to be a trusted source for the latest scientific advancements, technology policy analysis, hardware performance analysis, game reviews. They also created ars in 2001, this is a type of IT publication that includes games and news related to technology and who first made ars in pdf documents and electronic books at that time.

16. Wired

This massively popular website is providing not only news related to latest trends in technology. Wired also covers topics like culture, entertainment, science, politics, business, and design etc. If you visit this website, you will surely be going to love it.

17. Gizmodo

Gizmodo is another leading source of information about latest gadgets, news, and product reviews. Originally launched as a part of Gawker Media Network, it also covers design, science, politics and more.

18. Wirecutter

The site was founded in September 2011 and was acquired by The New York Times Company in October 2016. Wirecutter is a list of the best gear and gadgets for people who want to save the time and stress of figuring out what to buy. Whatever sort of thing you need, they make shopping for it easy by telling you the best one to get.

19. AndroidAuthority

Android Authority is the largest publication dedicated to the world’s most widely used operating system. Every month, they influence an audience of 50 million professionals in the tech industry, technology enthusiasts, and savvy millennials.

20. 9to5Mac

Founded by Seth Weintraub in 2007, 9to5Mac is the leading website within the Apple News Community in terms of breaking the impactful news. The site also contains reviews for Apple products, apps, and industry rumors.

21. TechSpot

Established in 1998 with over 6 million readers monthly, TechSpot delivers breaking tech news and analysis to an audience of professionals and enthusiasts who crave for technical depth and want to learn about the latest digital trends. TechSpot’s news coverage is complemented by comprehensive product reviews, guides and long-form features, software recommendations, and a massive product database.

22. Yanko Design

An online magazine dedicated to covering the best in international product design. Started as a little blog back in 2002 covering student work and over time, have grown into an international publishing company with millions of readers. They are well-known for a passion for the new, innovative, unique and undiscovered stuff. We love them, just one visit shows you why.

23. ReadWrite

The next generation of tech media, ReadWrite aggregates professional communities dedicated to specific subjects of interest such as connected cars, smart homes, AR/VR, fintech, and APIs.

24. Techaeris

Techaeris was founded in 2013 by Alex Hernandez and covers all manner of technology, science, art, photography, and life. The mission of Techaeris is to offer honest reporting, unique stories, some news coverage, product information/reviews, and social interaction with their readers.

25. iDrop News

Focusing on producing premium content for their audience, iDrop News are providing them with the latest information on Apple products and trends in technology. They cover the latest Apple and Technology News, reveal the latest rumors on Apple products, teach people how to better use their devices and apps, and review the latest product releases.

26. ZDNet

Owned by CNET Networks, ZDNet is a top tech website that is delivering 24/7 news coverage and analysis on the trends, technologies, and opportunities that matter to IT professionals and opportunity seekers.

27. VentureBeat

Founded in 2006, VentureBeat is the leading source for news, events, and perspective on technology innovation. VentureBeat covers a range of technology trends — from social to mobile, small business to enterprise, health tech, cloud, games, and more.

28. GeekWire

GeekWire is a fast growing, technology news site with a large audience of loyal, tech-savvy readers around the globe, who follow the site for breaking news, expert analysis and unique insights into the technology industry.

29. BGR

Launched in October 2006, BGR is a leading online destination for news and commentary focused on the mobile and consumer electronics markets. It is America’s #1 source of exclusive and breaking mobile news, and a technology category leader among early adopters, savvy technophiles and casual readers alike.

30. SlashGear

Dedicated to highlighting the latest and greatest in personal technology since 2005, SlashGear covers everything from cutting-edge tech gear to the latest digital lifestyle trend. Distinctive, informative and fresh, they’ll keep bringing you to devise information and reviews you can trust as well as thought-provoking commentary.

31. MakeUseOf

Founded in 2007, MakeUseOf is a technology website, focused on bridging the connection between users, computers, devices and the Internet through education. Their mission is to help users deconstruct the world of technology and gadgets.

32. NechStar

Nechstar was founded in 2015 with a simple goal. To inspire your everyday life, to help people understand how smart tech can affect their living. We love unique, useful, smart tech and we want to explain it to our readers simply and clearly. We are here to give you interesting articles about the latest in technology, as well as how-to guides, video reviews, and honest product recommendations.

33. AndroidTechNews

AndroidTechNews is the latest technology site to be chosen only because the author wants to elevate his site to the Best Technology Sites in Indonesia. So apologize if there is an information error, AndroidTechNews is a technology site that includes news about the latest technology news, hardware, military android, mobile phones, gaming, consoles and window.

Here also provides an Amazon store about handpones that try to be applied to the blog. This site was only established on October 2018 which is still less than 1 year old.

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