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AndroidTechNews.Com – One of the interesting games now requires an internet connection to be played. There will also be games that you can prioritize without connecting to internet channels. Although it is played offline, it does not mean the game is less interesting or not fun at all. Because many of the best offline games 2018, which can make you addicted to play it.

For more details and the amount of your curiosity, we will provide a full review specific to you gamers.

1. World Monster Hunter

The game released by Capcom is an offline game designed for smartphones, PS4, xbox One, and PC. In this game you will find as a hunter who has a mission to hunt, kill, and kill large monsters that roam.
Game Monster Hunter this world offers a pretty exciting game. There are many monsters to be hunted here. And the other interesting thing that adds to the excitement is the manipulation technique, which can be used to destroy these monsters.

2. Space Marshal 2

Space Marshal 2 is perfect for you who want to test agility and agility. Because in this game you are invited to perform enemy actions are done tactically. The enemy’s enemy must be compiled by the enemy. Therefore you should be able to cripple your opponent with caution, so as not to make a commotion.

3. Room: Old Lamb

This game is the latest game that has the same name, The Room. Game besutan Fireproof Games is also still using the same way with the previous one, namely the puzzle. But the Old Soul Room has a more complex mystery puzzle, with more centralized exploration. Glad to get this game as one of the best offline games 2018.

The interesting thing about this game compared to the previous version is the fewer luggage. Will make you more focused to find the next one.

4. Beyond Good And Evil 2

In addition to being played online, Beyond Good And Evil games can also be offline. This game is a game ber-genre. Located at system 3, the center of interstellar trade and colonization into the Milky Way. The exciting adventure of this game is in the act of fighting in the liberation of slaves working in system 3.

5. The Great Fish King

This game is the best offline game 2018, which invites you to feel the sensation of fish that is very exciting and fun. There are many types of fish that can be fished with a customized fishing rod, with the type of fish you want to catch. This game uses the characteristics of a complex system, will make you feel the original fishing experience.

6. Battle Breaker

This game is very fun to play. In this game you can recruit many whiz to get new abilities. Even you can also for the ability of the hero, to destroy the enemy. This RPG game offers you an incredible original war adventure. Surely this is an exciting thing to play it, is not it?

Here are some of the best offline games 2018, which we’ve chosen for you game players. Hopefully what we review here, can help you find the best offline games, which is no less exciting with online games. May be useful.

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