7 Best Free Android Games 2018


AndroidTechNews.Com – In the past, playing games was an activity standing in front of a super large screen. Then developed into a PC-based game that can be used while sitting on a chair, accompanied by a game console that makes the game more comfortable. Now with the development of mobile phones more than communication tools become entertainment tools. The game comes with a more practical and easy to carry shape without the addition of special additional equipment.

This is why Android games are in great demand, especially the newest and best free Android games 2018. Android games are also better than the many available categories. Starting from puzzle, shooter, racing, to action RPG. Android games are growing rapidly, resulting in exciting competition among well-known game developers. They are competing to present games with interesting themes, qualified graphics, and increasingly exciting challenges. 2018 becomes a new era of free Android game matches. Here is a list of the newest and best 2018 free Android games that you must download.

7 Best Free Android Games 2018

1. Dead Trigger 2

This game was first available in online versions and PC games, followed by the mobile version. Dead Trigger 2 falls into the category of first person shooter, superior to previous Dead Trigger in terms of graphics and game flow. But, this game is quite hard and unpleasant for minors.

2. Asphalt 8 Airborne

The second position of the newest and best free Android games is occupied by Gameloft’s game, Asphalt 8 Airborne. This game carries the racing genre, which is very much in demand by gamers. The advantage of this game is the quality of HD graphics that present captivating details. The following are some features and some significant features.

3. Real Racing 3

best free android games

Real Racing 3, best free android games

Game offerings from Electronic Arts is a racing genre game that is very cool in terms of graphics and grooves. Real Racing 3 can provide a racing experience with advanced compilation skills played. The offered resolution is better than the previous version. With HD quality images and 3D effects, images look real and challenging. Rows of racing cars that you can snack on here include Lamborghini, Dogde, Buggati, Audi and Porsche. With a clear appearance, the racing arena looks real like the original location. There is a Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone which is famous for being challenging, and thrilling.

4. Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, best free android games

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, best free android games

Sonic forces: speed battle reimagines sonic the hedgehog as an into-the-display screen lane-based car-runner. Which probable sounds lots like sonic dash – but right here, you warfare it out towards on-line competition.

With entice-laden publications and select-united statesyou could regularly grasp as you belt along, speed warfare has recommendations of mario kart approximately it. Races are packed with stressful moments as you unharness a fireball, in the desire of removing a distant chief, or have the checkered flag in sight, however recognize your opponents are best fractions of a 2d at the back of.

There is a few grind – chests with timers; a couple of currencies; glacially gradual leveling up. However velocity warfare puts a colorful, enjoyable spin on vehicle-runners that’s a laugh even in case you maintain your wallet firmly closed.

5. FIFA 16 Soccer

Fifa 16 Soccer, best free android games

Fifa 16 Soccer, best free android games

In the sports genre, the newest and best free Android games 2018 are represented by FIFA 16. The speed of the previous FIFA series made by Electronic Arts is superior in terms of graphics and satisfying details. Taking the Barcelona star, Lionel Messi as an icon, FIFA 16 details the presentation of the face of a player who resembles the original. This game is mandatory for you wealth of soccer games.

6. Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Occupying a key position in the row of 5 of the newest and best free Android games 2018, Modern Combat 5 Blackout, is a game with the Action RPG genre. In this game, the player’s position is the person who fights from the enemy and shoots him. Gameloft’s game storyline is quite interesting with high quality HD graphics. Before installing the latest and best 2018 free Android games above, provide a gadget with a minimum of 2 GB RAM, to run the game without consequences containing lag. Because the games above are classified as having heavy graphics. Well, good luck playing

7. Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark evolution is a game that is quite popular among Android users. In this game you will act as a shark that hunts prey to survive. You can see the gameplay in the video below.

This game is very exciting and requires concentration and speed of movement of your hand, to direct the shark to catch prey. But be careful, don’t let a shark hit a bomb in the sea. Because that will reduce health points. If the health point continues to decrease until it runs out, that means the game ends. In addition to bomb attacks, health points can also be reduced if the shark gets a bigger fish attack.

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