Best easy to use video editing software for Windows 10

Video editors

With the rise of creators on YouTube and other streaming
websites, video editing has become a very popular and coveted
skill. If you are planning to make a career out of video
editing industry or film production, you’ve to begin with a
good video editing software.

The quality tools vary greatly and selecting the right tool
could be difficult for many users. In this article, we’ve
included three video editing apps that are worth checking out.

The easy to use video editing software can produce a
high-quality video without expertise. You’ll find
various software depending on your goals and budget.

In this article, we’ve picked out the video editors that are
easy to use with all basic features.

Best easy to use video editing software

Our favourite is Adobe Premiere Pro CC as it comes with
all the features that you’ll find in other apps. Adobe’s
solution is available for both Windows and Mac. This could be
helpful if you often switch between two operating systems to
work on your projects.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

You may have already heard of Adobe Premiere Pro CC for
good reasons. The Premiere Pro has all the features that you
can think of and it has also a clean or familiar interface.

Another amazing part about using Abobe’s solution if the
ecosystem. Adobe’ other services are also compatible with
Premiere Pro and you can integrate. For instance, Adobe
Audition works seamlessly with Premiere Pro. You can also work
on After Effects and it will play nicely with the Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro gives you access to some of the best
creative tools out there.

We recommend Premier Pro over any other video software because
of its ecosystem and clean user interface.

CyberLink PowerDirector

The elegant and simple design of CyberLink PowerDirector makes
the video editing process truly fun. It’s entirely up to you
how you would use the app as it offers both simple and advanced
video editing features.

You can automate the entire video editing process
with Magic Movie Wizard. Or you can manually try other
modes, insert effects, audio, transition.

PowerDirector is expandable via plugins and comes with an
easy to use user interface. PowerDirector is highly recommended
and you can check it out from here.


Filmora audio

Filmora has got much better and elegant with version 9. As
mentioned in our review,
producing a video with Filmora9 is easy; as you just have to
create a project, upload your media content, add effects,
audios or choose a theme and the software takes care of the

Filmora9 is also available for free with limited feature, but
the exported videos are watermarked unless you upgrade to the
premium version.

You can use Filmora9 to improve your average video with just a
few clicks. Wondershare has its own marketplace where you can
download and try various effects, audios, transition to give a
new life to your videos.

It’s worth giving a try to Filmora9 because of its simplicity,
features and easy to operate interface. You can try it for free
from here.

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