‘Beezos!’ Watch Elizabeth Warren call out tech CEOs in name-the-billionaire game on ‘Late Show’

Elizabeth Warren tries to guess which billionaire’s face she is holding up during a game on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” (YouTube screen grab)

Three days after calling out Amazon’s tax practices during a rally in Seattle, Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren was again focused on the company, sort of, as she tried to name billionaires like Jeff Bezos during a game on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.”

In a visit to South Carolina ahead of that state’s Democratic primary on Saturday, Warren joined “Late Show” host Colbert in his home state for a chat and a little fun — at the expense of a few tech CEOs.

“I want to play a little ‘how well do you know the billionaires that you’re gonna take away their money,” Colbert said, referencing Warren’s plan for a wealth tax.

Holding cards featuring the faces of such tech titans as Bezos and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, as well as Warren’s Democratic opponent Michael Bloomberg, Warren was fed clues by Colbert in an attempt to name the billionaire.

“Never shows emotion … looks like he cut his own bangs with toenail clippers,” Colbert said in describing Zuckerberg. “Um, Bill Gates,” Warren answered, incorrectly.

“Like the underbelly of a hairless cat … like Lex Luthor but he knows more about you and he’s less trustworthy,” Colbert said as Warren held a Bezos card. “Oh! Beezos!” Warren answered, using the mispronunciation of the Amazon CEO’s name that has tripped up others, including Gates.

Watch the entire segment below:

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