Bad news for Google Chrome as users shift to Microsoft Edge

Edge Chromium browser

While Google Chrome has been steadily gaining users even after
Microsoft killed off legacy Edge for the open-source Chrome
platform, October 2020 actually saw the browser lose market
share, while Microsoft Edge saw a significant surge in users.

This report is based on the latest data from NetMarketShare, a
company that keeps track of what people on the internet are
using to view their favourite websites.

Remember that NetMarketShare records devices that access
certain sites, but the sample size is pretty huge and it gives
us a decent idea of a browser’s market share.

The October 2020 market share report seems like it’s bad news
for Google. According to the latest numbers, Microsoft Edge now
has a 10.22% market share when it comes to the desktop market.

The market share of Microsoft Edge went from 8.84% in September
to 10.22% in October.

This is a huge leap over the Q4 2019 stats, which was just
5.60%, so this is an impressive 4.62% increase year-over-year.

Google Chrome still enjoys a hefty lead over Microsoft Edge,
but Google surely can’t be too please with those numbers.
According to the report, Chrome share dropped from 69.94% to
69.25% and Firefox increased to 7.22% from 7.19%.

October 2020 market share

Google enjoys the browser market share because it has dominance
over the internet. For example, all Android phones come
pre-installed with Chrome and Google search results also
encourage users to use Chrome for “security, performance, and

Earlier this year, it was reported widely that
Google was attempting to scare Edge when they visited
Chrome Web Store. Edge users visiting Chrome Web Store were
shown a warning message stating that Chrome is the recommended
browser to use extensions securely and the message only
targeted Edge.

It’s also worth noting that Chromium Edge now comes
pre-installed with Windows 10 October 2020 Update or newer and

there’s a new taskbar ad that encourages people to try

The advertisements/recommendations in Windows 10 and other
Microsoft services will also help Edge gain more users in the
coming months.

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