Avalanche Studios is Triple-A and Indie at the Same Time


Avalanche Studios is Triple-A and Indie at the Same Time

June 25, 2018Written by Uros Pavlovic

Avalanche Studios Triple A games

In the past few years, Swedish developer Avalanche Studios have put themselves on the map. In fact, they have done more than that. Right now, they have proved themselves with titles like Just Cause 4 and RAGE 2 (which was showcased at the E3 2018). Although they are co-developing of RAGE 2 with id Software, it’s still a major project. So, Avalanche Studios’ Triple A efforts have indeed brought them some recognition. They also have a brand new IP on the way, called Generation Zero.

Of course, both Just Cause 4 and RAGE 2 are the key to Avalanche’s success. Even so, having self-published games is going to be the key to their future. They were recently acquired by Nordisk Film specifically to encourage such independent and self-published projects.

CEO Pim Holfve said: “We have six projects [running concurrently] right now, of different sizes. Four or five years ago that wouldn’t have been possible. We’re focusing a lot on growing leaders.”

He added: “One might say 30 per cent of a AAA product,” Holfve adds. “Also, it’s our ambition with all of our self-published games that they will be run as a service. They will grow with free and paid DLC, so it will be up to the player what their experience will be over time.”

In short, it’s become very clear that Avalanche is determined to remain a key player in the gaming industry – both on the indie and triple-A scenes.

[Source: Gamesindustry.biz]

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