AT&T has the fastest network in the U.S., says new report

Just days after AT&T announced that it had broken 1Gbps speeds on its 5G network, the carrier has some network speed news to share.

AT&T has come out on top in Ookla’s Q1 2019 report on the average U.S. download speeds of the four major carriers. According to Ookla’s data, AT&T posted an average download speed of 40.7Mbps while T-Mobile came in second place with an average speed of 35.4Mbps. Sprint finished third with a speed of 34.9Mbps and Verizon came in fourth with a speed of 33.3Mbps.

AT&T fastest network Q1 2019

These results from Ookla show AT&T’s download speeds improving by more than 15 percent over the first three months of 2019. AT&T says that this is due at least in part to its 5G Evolution coverage, which is available nationwide but does require a compatible smartphone like a Galaxy S10, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, Galaxy S9, LG V40, iPhone X, or Galaxy Note 8 to use. AT&T’s 5G Evolution uses advance 4G LTE technologies like 4×4 MIMO, carrier aggregation, and 256 QAM to help boost download speeds.

Ookla’s Speedtest results rely on crowdsourced data as smartphone owners run speed tests on their smartphones using the Speedtest apps for Android and iOS.

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