ASUS’ Windows 10 device will come with Apple Touch Bar-like feature

Apple Macbook with touch
Image Courtesy: Business Insider

Apple’s latest-generation MacBook Pro comes with Touch Bar that
adds a row of multitouch controls to the top of the
keyboard. It looks like that Apple’s technology is also
coming to Windows 10 devices. ASUS, the Taiwanese multinational
computer and phone hardware and electronics company is working
on Touch Bar-like feature for its upcoming Windows 10 laptop or

It appears that the feature is very similar to Apple’s Touch
Bar but it would be more advanced thanks to Microsoft’s Windows
10 operating system which also allows developers to add support
for the feature. It means that the third-party app will be also
allowed to access the Touch Pad.

ASUS might be working on this feature for its high-end laptops
lineup, and some extensions available in the Microsoft Store
suggests that the feature will be called ScreenPad. The
unreleased extensions can be installed and used on an ASUS

While at this point details aren’t very clear, but it appears
that the ASUS’ high-end laptops will only come with Touch
Bar-like implementation and it would allow users to perform
certain tasks.

Windows 10 ScreenPad
Image Courtesy: WindowsBlogItalia

A touch-pad on a Windows 10 PC would be useful as it could
allow users to perform certain tasks. For example, you’ll be
able to change the track, increase volume, access music
controls, copy or paste texts. Furthermore, Microsoft’s Office
suite will support the feature as well.

While it appears that the feature called ScreenPad can be used
on an unreleased ASUS laptop, but it’s likely that the other
OEMs could also implement such a feature on their devices.
Needless to say, it’s not yet known how advanced this
implementation is going to be.

It’s necessary for a device to meet certain hardware
requirements in order to support the Windows 10’s ScreenPad
feature. By the looks of things, the ASUS device will come
with VIDIA GTX970 graphics cards, precision touchpad
and touchscreen. It will also Toshiba TC358870XBG Video
Bridge IC and ITE8225 MCU.

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