Are you trying the newest Android or iOS betas?

iOS 12

Here we are with a new year and, as is par for the course, a lot of new beta software out there in the wild. Right now, Android is enjoying its second beta (Developer Preview 3), and Apple’s own major iOS upgrade is still on its first developer beta. Unlike Google, though, Apple hasn’t launched a corresponding public beta for its upcoming software release, which means it’s specifically meant for developers right now.

But that doesn’t stop non-developers from trying, of course.

Personally, I’m not technically a stranger to beta software. I was trying out pre-release software well before Apple got around to inviting the public to try it out. I’ve had my issues along the way — it is unstable software, after all. But, while the problems I had were pretty big at the time (or felt like that, anyway), I can probably look back and see a pretty smooth ride overall. Especially when public betas started surfacing.

But, that being said, it’s still not safe to install beta software on your daily driver. That’s a pretty well known concept by now. And even though Google and Apple both offer up public betas, they both point out that doing so may cause some issues.

That doesn’t stop people from doing it, though. Every year, with every new beta, I see people asking if they know anyone who’s “tried it out”. I’ve got a friend of mine who, just the other day, asked if I had installed it. We talked about all the reasons why we shouldn’t — and then the next day he told me he had installed it.

“It was rough at first, but now it’s okay.”

Still not doing it!

Of course, I might. When the public beta gets to two or three, maybe. I really, really want grouped notifications already, and waiting until September –knowing they are in the pipeline– might be difficult when all it would take is installing some pre-release software ahead of the official release.

What about you, though? Now that public betas are available on a regular basis (when necessary), do you feel the pull to try it out? Or do you prefer to keep stable software on your daily driver at all times? Let me know!

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