Are you still playing Fortnite Battle Royale?

Fortnite Battle Royale

If you haven’t played Fortnite (the standard game, not the Battle Royale option), you should! It’s a pretty solid game. It was a pretty barebones experience out of the gate, but that feels like the standard these days in the gaming industry. Since its launch, though, the OG Fortnite is pretty solid. And it appears to have a pretty steady rotation of players, as the few times I’ve dropped in recently there hasn’t been an issue finding people to play with.

Of course, the majority of folks aren’t playing the standard version of Fortnite. Instead, the majority of the focus is on the other experience, the one that has up to 100 players dropping onto a single island and duking it out to find out who the last person standing is. (Or people, if you’re playing in Duos or Squads.)

Fortnite Battle Royale, even after its initial launch months ago, is still the most popular game in the world. At least, that was the verdict being tossed around quite a bit back in May. It will probably take off in China, too, when Tencent gets around to launching the title in that market. And then let’s not forget mobile! The title went open for everyone on supported iOS devices back in April, and just went live for some Android handsets earlier this month.

I’m leaning more towards the iOS users out there with this question today, mostly because the game hasn’t been available on Android long enough just yet.

I got burnt out on Fortnite Battle Royale quite a bit during the end of season 4. If you were playing the game then, you probably saw the Omega skin, which, if you completed enough challenges and played the game enough, you could customize the lights on the villain’s armor. I played the game a lot there in the last week or so, but I came up short. In addition to not getting the lights for the armor, I think I also sort of ran aground on the game itself.

And then season 5 started and Epic actually made the skin I wanted (the one with the kitsune mask, Drift I think?) available right out of the gate after buying the Battle Pass. That sort of snatched the rest of my enthusiasm to play it. The rest of the Battle Pass itself doesn’t really have anything I’ve been interested in, either.

The real downside here is that if I don’t keep playing and moving through the Battle Pass, collecting the V-Bucks the title offers for free along the way, I’m going to have to fork over even more money for season 5’s Battle Pass. And right now, at this moment, I’m not entirely sure I’m going to do that.

The mobile experience, which I’ve tapped into more than a few times since its debut, hasn’t really helped with this situation for me, either. I’ll still go to bat for the game itself. I feel like the mobile experience is fantastic and, even with touch input, worth playing. But that’s about it for me. Maybe a round before a movie starts, if I can finish it up in time. But I’m definitely not sinking as much time into the game, whether it’s on console or on mobile, as I used to be.

So of course I wanted to reach out to all of you and find out where you stand with Fortnite Battle Royale these days. Whether it’s at home on a console (or PC) or on your phone (or tablet), are you playing the title as much, if not more, than you were before? Or has your interest in the game waned as of late? Let me know!

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