Are you planning on picking up a RED Hydrogen One?

RED Hydrogen One

Long before Apple got around to announcing the iPhone X last year, the rumor mill was working tirelessly to help would-be buyers get a clear picture about what Apple was going to unveil in September of 2017. That included plenty of reports on the hardware, because obviously we all needed to be prepared for the invasion of the notch (even after Essential already showed us what that future might look like). But it also revealed pricing, too, with many rumors suggesting we’d see a distinct price hike for Apple’s newest flagship iPhone.

Sure enough, that turned out to be true. The iPhone X is an expensive smartphone.

Of course, this isn’t just an Apple scenario. Smartphones are becoming more expensive, especially in the top-tier range. But even OnePlus has had to hike up the prices on its smartphones. OnePlus still has the luxury of being priced way lower than the competition it’s swinging for, so that’s good news. But the price hikes are definitely not just an Apple thing.

And it’s not like really expensive phones are all that new. We’ve seen special edition handsets, like Lamborghini-branded devices, that are well over $1,000. Compared to those devices the iPhone X’s price tag isn’t that bad. And then there’s the upcoming Hydrogen One smartphone from the camera company, RED.

The Hydrogen One is an expensive smartphone, priced at $1,295. That’s a steep price to be sure, and it is kind of crazy to think that a company that’s making its first smartphone is opting to go with a price tag that high. Even if it does have some crazy (and interesting!) features like a holographic display. And of course we’re expecting some great things from the cameras in the Hydrogen One, considering RED’s pedigree.

But I can’t help but be curious. Where does the Hydrogen One’s price put it on the possibility list for you? Is this a phone that you’re already considering, maybe even already pre-ordered? And if so, what about the Hydrogen One won you over? Or is that price point just too high to opt for a smartphone that is a company’s first attempt at the market? Let me know!

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