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While I was traveling recently, I couldn’t help but notice just how many AirPods are out there in the wild. And during my adventure, which included an eight-hour stint at an airport, I also realized just how great it is to only have your phone to handle important things like buying food, or using your phone as your boarding pass.

Having it all there, on my phone, made so many things so much easier. And it basically sold me on the idea of having a complete digital wallet.

It’s not so much that I’ve been on the fence with the idea, because it’s obviously something companies like Google and Apple have been working on for quite some time. Starting with mobile payments, the digital wallet is a great way to store rewards cards, too. But it’s a fantastic way to get into a sporting event, too, thanks to digital ticketing.

All of these things are so much easier when you don’t have to keep track of a piece of paper, or small tickets, or even your insurance cards. Just having it on your phone makes it easily accessible. On iOS it’s just a quick double-tap of the Power button and you’ve got access to the Wallet app, bringing up payment cards, rewards cards, tickets, and more.

I can’t forget movies, either, which is definitely what I use the Wallet app on my phone for the most. Being able to buy a ticket online, automatically store the ticket and then have it accessible when I get there — right from the home screen — is pretty fantastic.

Which is why I’m fully on board with the complete digital wallet. Meaning I want drivers licenses in there, too. And passport support. And any other identification cards that can be supported in the app as well.

How do you feel about the idea of a complete digital wallet? Are you waiting for this to happen, too? Or do you stick to your physical documentation/tickets/cards and don’t really care if the digital wallet takes off? Let me know!

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