Are you interested in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Special Edition?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Edition

Special edition handsets aren’t new by any means, but it’s still pretty cool to see them pop up every once in a while. Some of them are pretty outlandish! And some of them, even if the content they’re based on isn’t your cup of tea, might still feature a pretty cool design. I think I can fall into that particular camp with the latest Star Wars-themed special edition of the Galaxy Note 10+ from Samsung.

In case you missed it, Alex’s got the write-up on it. It’s a Galaxy Note 10+ as you’d expect, so no changes there. But parts of the design itself are quite different, at least as far as color schemes are concerned. You’ve got the branding on the back to start, which includes Samsung’s logo, the Star Wars logo, and even a First Order emblem sandwiched between them.

But things get interesting with the colors.

This is a red and black design, heavily influenced by the character Kylo Ren, as you can see pictured in the custom phone wallpaper in the image above. There are red accents around the rear camera enclosure, and the S Pen that’s included with the Galaxy Note+ is red. It looks like a mini lightsaber.

But this bundle also includes quite a bit more, including a leather cover for the phone and a metal badge that’s billed as a collector’s item. What’s more, Samsung is also including a pair of its Galaxy Buds truly wireless headphones with the bundle, which include a custom charging case with a red interior.

It is all very nice to look at. The red and black color combo is striking, especially with the red outline around the rear cameras. I’d say it’s honestly nice enough that Samsung should probably just launch this as a color option in general, not including the Star Wars theme.

But obviously this is a huge franchise with plenty of fans, and considering the device launches on December 13 — just days ahead of the incoming launch of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker — it may be a hit because of the tie-in. Then again, the $1,299 price tag may be enough to shoo some potential buyers away, despite everything that comes in the bundle (including the Galaxy Buds).

I’m always a fan of more robust color options for smartphones in general, and if there wasn’t the Star Warslogos on the back of the phone I may have even considered this one. But, I’m curious to know if these special edition handsets are typically what you go after? Considering they pop up so infrequently it might be hard to choose to wait to get a new one, especially since you don’t know what the next theme will be for the phone manufacturer.

What about this Star Wars-themed Galaxy Note 10+? Has it caught your interest at all? Do you think you’ll be picking it up next month? Or is this a skip for you? Let me know!

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