Are you going to reserve a Samsung Galaxy S10?

Samsung Galaxy S10 teaser

Samsung knows that you know it’s launching a new smartphone soon. Or, to be specific, several different smartphones. The Galaxy S10e, the Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10+ have leaked out several times already, and that’s before the February 20 unveiling Samsung has scheduled. And since Samsung understands that its upcoming devices aren’t exactly a secret, why not just let people start signing up for them?

Earlier today, Samsung launched a dedicated website that will allow folks interested in the upcoming Galaxy S10 to reserve their interest in the new handsets. Samsung is quick to point out that the trade-in offer it has in place –which can get you up to $550 off a new Galaxy S10– isn’t available for every model, but it’s not breaking down which of the new handsets won’t be covered just yet.

It’s certainly a unique move! If only because the company hasn’t officially announced anything yet.

Samsung’s reservation page will let potential customers show their interest in a new smartphone, going as far as to select which carrier you plan on using the device on (or just choosing unlocked). And then you can select your eligible device to trade in and see what you’ll get towards the new phone.

Now, as my colleague Alex points out: “It’s worth noting that reserving a Galaxy S10 won’t automatically place an order for a device when sales begin. Instead, you’ll have 72 hours after the device goes on sale to complete your purchase. If you don’t order within 72 hours of the start of sales, you’ll lose your reserved priority for placing an order.

I am very curious to see the numbers behind this when it’s all said and done, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung never actually confirms anything of that sort. Still, this is an interesting idea to drum up hype for a device that isn’t even announced yet. Plus, knowing what you’re going to get for your new smartphone, which doesn’t launch for about a month, is a pretty awesome way to plan ahead.

So I have to know: Are you planning on reserving your spot for the Galaxy S10? By now we know what to expect from the devices for the most part, so it feels like a pretty safe bet. Still, it may be worth waiting to play with one of the new devices in person before choosing to fork over a lot of money. What about you? Reserving now or waiting until launch? Let me know!

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