Are you going to pre-order the new Motorola Razr?

Motorola Razr

Thanks to foldable displays, we’ve made it back to the flip phone. I want to say that the display technology makes them automatically more exciting than the devices of years ago, but I don’t think I can go that far. The original Motorola RAZR was a beast of a phone, despite how thin it was, and I can’t say that I get the same feeling from the brand new Motorola Razr launching early next month.

Then again, maybe it is. Even with the new screen tech.

One can hope it’s not a super delicate flower, anyway, considering it costs over $1,000. But we live in the time of the $1,000 smartphone, and that doesn’t always mean a rugged handset by any means.

But, the phone itself is still exciting in its own right. It has a 6.2-inch display on the inside, and, on the outside, 2.7-inch OLED display. The battery measures in at 2510mAh, and there’s 128GB of built-in storage. And it obviously has that foldable design, which is the primary selling point of the handset.

It’s a Verizon exclusive and the big red wireless carrier has ways to save on the price. But the fact it’s an exclusive might not be the best way to help this handset fly off the shelves, right? Is anyone going to switch to Verizon just to get this phone? That feels like a bit of a stretch, honestly. Then again, maybe someone’s been waiting to switch to the carrier and getting the new Razr is a way to sweeten the deal.

The new Motorola Razr goes on sale in early February, with pre-orders kicking off very soon. So obviously I can’t help but be curious if this is a phone you’re going to make your next daily driver. Not just because it’s bringing back that familiar Razr brand, but also because it has some competition waiting in the wings from Samsung.

The Galaxy Z Flip has been rumored to feature a clamshell folding design for months now, and Samsung will probably officially announce the handset soon. That means Samsung and Motorola will be going head-to-head with foldable phones. Crazy, right?

So, are you going to pre-order the new Motorola Razr? Or will you be waiting for Samsung’s own handset? Let me know!

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