Arcade Action Game, 198X, in Development for Consoles and PC

Arcade Action Game, 198X, in Development for Consoles and PC

May 6, 2018Written by Zarmena Khan

Sweden-based Hi-Bit Studios recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for its “over-the-top” arcade action game, 198X, which has already met over half of its funding goal of USD 56,816.

In development since last Spring for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, the game is an amalgamation of several genres including beat-em-up, shoot-em-up, racing, and RPGs. Players will be jumping around, shooting, driving, and role-playing as an “emotional, cinematic” story unfolds.

Check out a trailer above and an official overview below.

The game is set in Suburbia, just outside the City, sometime in 198X. It follows the journey of Kid, a teenager stuck between the limitations of innocent youth and the obligations of inevitable adulthood. The story unfolds when Kid discovers the local arcade – finding new worlds, and new meaning, in video games. For every visit to the arcade – every game uncovered, every move mastered, every demon defeated – Kid grows stronger. And the lines between game and reality starts to blur…

198X is built around five distinct arcade games, each inspired by classic themes and genres. These fully playable games feature several full-blown stages with familiar settings and unmistakable core mechanics, as well as unique twists and unexpected turns.

198X is expected to release in March 2019.

[Source: Kickstarter]

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