Arc the Lad R now available in Japan


Arc the Lad R

Arc the Lad R is now available for iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play in Japan.

Here is an overview of the game, via our previous coverage:


The world was once saved by the sacrifice of a hero and a saint, but the calamity known as the “Great Disaster” shook the planet, half of the continent sunk into the ocean, and more than half of humanity was lost.

10 years after the Great Disaster, Haruto, a boy who belongs to the vigilante corps of Millmana, one of the countries pushing forward with reconstruction, encounters a mysterious girl named Mizuha following a certain event.

While the military empire Ardia was restoring civilization to its condition before the disaster and rapidly expanding its influence, monsters recovered momentum at the same time, and a threat known as the Divine Beasts came to surface. Dark clouds again hung over a world that appeared to be in smooth reconstruction.

The peace that should have come after that major sacrifice crumbled. “Protecting the world you left behind is a real pain of a job.” The meeting of a boy and girl, and a new conspiracy surrounding the world. Following an encounter with heroes of the past, a story of magnificent fate will set in motion again.


  • A Grand Story Set After the Great Disaster – 10 years after the calamity known as the Great Disaster that lost half the world. A story told from the perspective of the vigilante corps’ Haruto. The heroes of the past will also appear as playable characters.
  • The Series’ Tactical Battles Return – Fight in highly strategic tactical battles. Use simple controls to move the character, and clear the stage while reading counterattacks from the enemy. Form a party based on roles, and favorably progress the battle by using unique auto skills. Annihilate enemies with super flashy active skills.
  • Develop Your Characters – Develop characters through strengthening and evolution. By mastering the Spirit Board, it will enter the “Awakening” stat and your abilities will be significantly enhanced. Additionally, you can reach further heights by equipping weapons and armor.
  • Various Side Activities – There are all sorts of side activities, from the “Hunters Guild” to the “Arena” and more. The series’ familiar ruins, “The Ancient King’s Underground Ruins,” will also appear. What could be waiting 50 floors below the surface?


  • Planning / Drafting / Game Design: Toshiro Tsuchida
  • Scenario: Norihiko Yonesaka
  • Art Drafting and Supervision: Eiji Koyama, Ryuichi Kunisue, Hiroshi Hayashi
  • Sound: T-Square’s Masahiro Andoh

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