Apple’s Powerbeats Pro truly wireless headphones shown off in leaked image

Apple Powerbeats Pro truly wireless headphones

One week after launching new pair of AirPods, a leak has revealed that Apple has another pair of truly wireless headphones in the works.

A new truly wireless version of Apple’s Beats Powerbeats headphones has been discovered. Found by 9to5Mac inside of iOS 12.2, these new headphones are said to be called Powerbeats Pro and will reportedly be available in black and white color options. 

Like AirPods, these Powerbeats Pro will come with a charging case that’ll keep your truly wireless headphones topped up when not in use. It’s unclear exactly what kind of battery life the Powerbeats Pro will offer.

These leaked Powerbeats Pro look similar to the Powerbeats 3, which are wireless but have a cord connecting the two headphones. A truly wireless version would make for a nice upgrade, especially for folks who workout with their headphones and get annoyed by a cable jostling around while they’re exercising.

It’s unclear when these Powerbeats Pro might launch or how much they’ll cost when they do — the Powerbeats 3 sell for $199.95 — but if they’re appearing in iOS 12.2, an official launch could be close.

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