Apple’s latest iOS 12 has a new feature that turns AirPods into hearing aids


Earlier this week, Apple unveiled its latest and greatest update to iOS. Called iOS 12, the new update showcased some much needed improvements to the software. Among the new features announced include simplified app closing gesture, smoother transitional animations, password autofill, turn off auto-updates, extra battery stats, custom notification banners, 30-second Animoji, and many more.

There are a few other improvements that were missed in Apple’s WWDC 2018 conference. But these do not mean they are not as good or useful to users. The iOS 12 updates that Apple failed to talk about on stage include the following;

  • Day-by-day battery usage breakdowns

  • Dictation on third-party keyboards

  • Full email previews straight from the notification

  • ‘Hey Siri’ in low-power mode

  • New Markup colors

  • Password sharing with AirDrop

  • QR code mark

  • Quiet notifications delivery

  • Screen time widget

  • “Siri, turn on the flashlight”

  • Spacebar as a trackpad

  • Website icons on Safari tabs

In addition to these features, Apple has given its Apple AirPods a hearing aid feature through iOS 12 beta. The new feature, called Live Listen, is baked into iOS and can be accessed with an MFi hearing aid device paired with an iPhone. With iOS 12, AirPods can be recognized as earphones that are compatible with Live Listen.

It’s a really helpful feature for those with hearing issues. The way it’s built is that the built-in microphones on the AirPods can be used to amplify sound and feed into the ears of the user.

This new feature is not intended to replace prescription hearing aids and is not guaranteed to solve all hearing issues. There’s also no word on whether or not Apple has plans to expand the feature. But either way, it’s great to see how a company as big as Apple is paying attention to the needs of its users.


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