Apple will reportedly begin funding exclusive podcasts

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Apple is one of the biggest names in podcasting because so many people listen using Apple Podcasts. The company has traditionally been pretty hands-off when it comes to podcasting, but a new report says that that could change soon.

Apple will reportedly begin funding original podcasts that’ll be exclusive to its service. That’s according to sources speaking to Bloomberg, who claim that Apple executives are contacting media companies to ask about buying exclusive rights to podcast shows.

Apple has been involved in podcasting for a very long time, and the Apple Podcasts app is an important place to be if you want your podcast to grow in popularity. Despite being such a major presence in podcasting, Apple has long been hands-off with its Apple Podcasts service, opting not to charge for access, include ads, or anything like that.

Now the podcast market continues to heat up, and major players like Spotify and Stitcher are starting to gain some ground. While Apple is still a dominant player, the company could be investigating ways to fight off that competition and remain a major player in podcasts. Plus, funding podcast shows that are exclusive to Apple Podcasts could help to attract people to the iOS platform and give existing iOS users another reason to stick around.

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