Apple now offers emoji engravings for AirPods

AirPods emoji engraving

Apple’s AirPods Pro were one of the more popular gifts over the holiday season, selling out at most major retailers. But if you haven’t yet gotten a pair and are in the market, you’ve now got some new engraving options available for when you decide to buy.

Apple now allows you to personalize your AirPods or AirPods Pro with an emoji engraving on the case. You could previously add a text engraving to the AirPods case, but now there are 31 different emoji options available for engraving, too.

There are a variety of different emoji that you can choose from for engraving. They include the smile, grimace, and kiss blowing faces, some hand gestures like the thumbs up and peace sign, a heart and a star, and a ghost and a robot. There are several animals available, too, including a unicorn, bear, cat, tiger, dragon, monkey, and dog. And yes, the poop emoji is an option for engraving, too.

Personalized engraving is available as a free addition when you purchase AirPods or AirPods Pro from Apple. 

AirPods Pro poop emoji engraving

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