Apple Music now supported on Amazon Echo speakers

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Apple Music support is rolling out to Amazon Echo speakers a few days early.

You can now add Apple Music as a source to your Amazon Echo speaker. When Amazon announced this feature, it said it’d be rolling out on December 17, but it looks like the switch has been flipped a few days early.

To enable Apple Music on your Amazon Echo, launch the Amazon Alexa app, go to “Settings”, and then select “Music”. You can then go to “Link New Service” and link your Apple Music account to your Amazon Alexa account and your Echo speaker.

Apple Music Amazon Echo speakers

Once enabled, you can set Apple Music to be your default music streaming service on your Amazon Echo speaker. You can then play on-demand music, play your own playlists including music from your iCloud Music Library, listen to Beats 1 Radio, and more.

The Amazon Echo already supported several non-Amazon music services, including Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal, so it’s good to see Apple Music joining the list as well. Now Apple Music subscribers can enjoy their music on their Echo speakers, and for those in the Amazon Echo ecosystem, Apple Music becomes a more viable option when considering a new music streaming service.

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