Apple awarded $539 million in damages in Samsung patent retrial

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Earlier this month, Apple and Samsung headed back to court to have a jury determine how much Samsung owed Apple in damages as a result of its patent trial that came to a verdict in 2012. Now that jury has settled on an amount.

Apple has been awarded $539 million in damages from Samsung. That’s considerably less than the $1.05 billion that Apple was originally awarded in the 2012 jury trial as well as the $1 billion that Apple was seeking as part of this retrial. Samsung argued that it should only have to pay Apple $28 million.

In response to this latest verdict, Apple said “We believe deeply in the value of design, and our teams work tirelessly to create innovative products that delight our customers. This case has always been about more than money.” Samsung hasn’t responded to requests for comment.

In this retrial, the jurors had to decide whether Samsung should pay damages on specific parts that infringed on or whether it should pay damages on the whole device. Apple told jurors to think about what phones looked like in 2006 before the launch of the original iPhone, adding that Samsung made $3.3 billion in revenue and $1 billion in profit from phones that infringed on Apple’s design patents.

Meanwhile, Samsung argued that the damages should be based on the profits it made from the specific parts that infringed on Apple’s patents.

Apple and Samsung have been locked in legal battle ever since Apple filed its first lawsuit against Samsung in 2011. Fast forward to today and it looks like that particular legal battle is finally coming to an end. Today’s verdict isn’t likely to make a huge impact on either company, it is kind of exciting to see this chapter of the Apple-Samsung fight come to a close.

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