Apple and Spotify reportedly in talks to enable Spotify playback using Siri

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Apple and Spotify had a public quarrel earlier this year after Spotify accused Apple of anti-competitive behavior, but now a report says that the two companies may be working together.

Spotify is in talks with Apple about letting iPhone owners play music from Spotify using Siri. This means that you might be able to say something like “Hey Siri, play The Beatles on Spotify” and have it begin playing, much like you can right now with Apple Music.

If support for playing Spotify music with Siri voice commands is released, sources tell The Information (via MacRumors) that Apple Music would likely remain the default option. So you may have to specify that you want music played from Spotify every time, but hey, at least you’d finally have the option of playing music from Spotify using Siri voice commands.

The update to iOS 13 includes improved SiriKit that’ll allow you to ask Siri to play music, podcasts, audiobooks, and radio from third-party apps, and so it’s sounds like this is the feature that’ll Spotify could utilize to allow iOS users to stream music from Spotify using Siri voice commands. The feature already exists to let you use Siri to do things in third-party apps for messaging, photos, VoIP, workouts, and more.

Apple is known for keeping a pretty tight control over iOS, like how it only recently let you install third-party keyboards and delete some of its built-in apps. It still is keeping control over iOS in some ways, like not letting you change the default apps for things like email and the web browser, but improvements like opening up Siri for third-party apps is a nice way to open iOS up a little bit.

Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming services around, and so it’d be great if iOS users could control playback with it using Siri voice commands just like they can with Apple Music. Siri is also considered by many to be inferior to other voice assistants on the market, and enabling Spotify playback with your voice could help improve Siri’s image for some consumers.

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