Apple and Samsung make up over 90% of smartphone sales at U.S. carrier stores, says report

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We already know that Apple and Samsung are two of the most popular smartphone makers around, but a new report reveals exactly how big the two companies are in the U.S.

In the month of December, more than 90% of postpaid smartphones sold at the four major U.S. carrier stores were either an Apple or Samsung. Wave7 Research reports (via PCMag) that 94% of phones sold at Verizon were made by Apple or Samsung. That figure was 95% for AT&T stores, 94% for Sprint stores, and 91% for T-Mobile stores.

The most popular phone at all four carriers for December was the iPhone 11. Looking specifically at Samsung devices, the most popular model was the Galaxy S10.

When it comes to other well-known devices, Google’s Pixel phones were between 2-4% of devices sold at all four carrier stores while OnePlus finished at 2.3%.

Most folks would probably guess that Apple and Samsung were two of the most popular smartphone makers at U.S. carrier stores, but the numbers from this latest report reveal just how much of the marketshare those two companies have. And while we’re seeing some great devices from the likes of Google and OnePlus, the popularity of iPhone and Galaxy devices shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Things look a bit different when focusing on the prepaid market. Prepaid shoppers tend to buy devices cheaper than Apple and Samsung flagships, and while the U.S. prepaid market is a good bit smaller than the postpaid market, it’s still interesting to see the difference in popular phone makers between the two.

At Metro By T-Mobile, Samsung, LG, and Motorola had the most popular devices in the first half of December, reports Wave7 Research. Apple and Samsung took four of the top five most popular spots at Boost Mobile for December, but the LG Stylo 5 claimed spot number five.

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