Apple and Facebook Messenger join in on World Cup 2018 frenzy


After four years of waiting for the next World Cup event, it’s only understandable why many would be joining in on the World Cup fever. And as the sporting event kicks off on Thursday, many are already preparing to support their favorite teams as they play in Russia.

Apple has joined in on the excitement with its latest update to iOS.


For starters, you can rely on Siri to update you with the latest scores of your favorite teams. Other World Cup information you can get from Siri include match schedules, team groups, team members, and who won the match between a particular team. These information will be available from Siri in 26 countries which Siri typically shares sports scores to. The countries under this list include Brazil, Denmark, Israel, Finland, Malaysia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, the U.S., and many more.

App Store

In addition to Siri, Apple has adorned its App Store with information about the favorite apps and games of the star players of the sport. You can also use the App Store to look for streaming apps, like FOX Now and BBC Sport, which will be showcasing these games. You can also download new games like FIFA Mobile and PES 2018 to get your fill of excitement.

News app

An in-depth coverage of the matches will also be available on the News app. Here you can find profiles of key players, scores, and match schedules so you don’t have to feel left out.

Other areas where Apple will be highlighting the World Cup include Apple Music, which will have 32 new playlists that represent the countries joining in on the tournament. iBooks will also feature an “editorial” collection known as The Beautiful Game. You can read memoirs, biographies, and other non-fiction content all related to the World Cup.

Apart from Apple, Facebook Messenger is also getting its share of limelight for promoting the World Cup. The social media giant has revealed new features in its Messenger app that enables users to show their support for their favorite teams. The Messenger app camera contains wig and face paint filters that represent each competing team. The camera also includes frame effects with a flag of the country that has joined in on the tournament.

There are also a few “hidden” games available on Facebook Messenger that let you join in on the excitement. Keepie Uppie and theScore have both been updated to feature a special World Cup version. Meanwhile, you can download Golden Boot from Messenger’s games tab so you can try out your free kick skills.

Are you excited for this year’s World Cup?


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