Anti Virus Restriction now removed for Windows 7 users

Anti Virus Restriction now removed for Windows 7 users
Windows 7 operating system

Microsoft couple of days ago pushed out Cumulative Updates for
all versions of its operating system. The Cumulative update
were pushed out to users with Windows 7 version installed on
their PCs.

The company with the latest set of Cumulative Updates have
removed the Anti Virus Restriction which was introduced for
users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Microsoft’s Windows 7
version never came with an Anti Virus protection.

Users with Windows 7 were able to download and install any
third party anti virus software on their PCs. The Restriction
which the company introduced prevented computers from getting
any new security updates released by Microsoft.

This restriction has now been removed with the roll out of the
Cumulative Update for Windows 7 users. After the Meltdown and
Spectre vulnerability which effected lot of PCs, Microsoft had
introduced a registry check in January to check the
compatibility of some antivirus solutions which could cause
compatibility issues on some Windows computers.

The registry check blocks the computer from receiving any new
security updates released by the company for Windows 7 users.
This has now been removed and all the computers will now be
getting security updates irrespective of the antivirus
installed on their PCs.

The new change will now be giving more protection for Windows 7
users since the version did not have any default antivirus
protection. The company had introduced the default antivirus
protection with the release of Windows 8.1 called as “Windows

Microsoft in a release note says: “ Windows Update and WSUS
will offer this update to applicable Windows client and server
operating systems regardless of the existence or value of the
registry setting. This change has been made to protect user
data. ”

However the point to be noted is that most of the Windows 7
users were never impacted by the registry key as most of the
PCs were compatible with the third party antivirus solutions
available in the market.


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