Another look at gestures-focused Windows 10 X

Windows 10 X featured
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Windows 10 X is Microsoft’s new operating system for
dual-screen devices and it’s reportedly coming to traditional
laptops at some point. Windows 10 X was originally announced at
Microsoft’s Surface event on October 2, and PC makers are now
publicly showing off their devices running this OS.

Microsoft initially plans to ship Windows 10 X on devices like

Surface Neo and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold before unveiling
laptops running the modular operating system.

At CES 2020, Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold was
spotted with a very early version of Windows 10 X and the
UI is currently heavily focused on swipe gestures.

Like Windows 8, you can swipe in from the bottom-right to open
the Action Center and you can swipe down to close apps.
Similarly, the Start menu can be trigged with a swipe up

Windows 10 X Start layout
Image Courtesy: Neowin

These gestures may seem a bit out of place on a non-touchscreen
device, but Windows 10 X gestures could support trackpad and
gestures on a trackpad work in a similar fashion. It is likely
that Microsoft could also enable keyboard shortcuts for the


Unfortunately, Windows 10 X currently allows users to run more
than one app at once in a side-by-side experience only. At this
time, you cannot run multiple apps in windowed mode, but this
is likely to change as there are rumours claiming that
Microsoft will enable windowed mode support before shipping
Windows 10 X to consumers.

The details of Microsoft’s new virtual-machine-like approach to
run Win32 desktop apps in Windows 10 X are also not known.

Windows 10 X app switcher
Image Courtesy: Neowin

Microsoft will be taking a new virtual-machine like approach to
run desktop apps on ‘Containers’, so it’ll be easier to manage
such apps on less powerful machines. With Containers, Microsoft
plans to let users run Win32 apps in a virtual environment from
the cloud rather than from local storage.

Windows 10 X is still very incomplete and some of the basic
features are currently missing, but the operating system will
be ready by this holiday season.

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