Anonymous;Code launches next winter in Japan, new trailer


Mages has released a the “Steins;Gate 1010th Anniversary Special Report Trailer” for Anonymous;Code, its long in-development Science Adventure series visual novel, confirming it will launch in Japan “next winter.”

The official website, which has been updated with the trailer and “next winter” release window, still lists PlayStation 4, Switch, and PS Vita as the game’s platforms.

If you missed our previous coverage, here is everything we have covered about Anonymous;Code so far:

  • Announcement
  • Story
  • Pollon, Momo, Cross, and Arecibo Message
  • The Ghost and Brain-machine Interface
  • Team Azoth and Graper
  • Bambi Kurashina and Cyber Force Doll idol unit
  • GAI Computer Corporation and GAIA Earth Simulator
  • Vatican Hacker Agent, Third Secret of Famita, and Gaudi Code
  • Save Load, Hacking Trigger, and character animations

Watch the new trailer below.

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