Android Messages now makes it easy to copy two-factor authentication codes

Android Messages two-factor authentication code copy shortcut

Android Messages is making it easier to use two-factor authentication codes on your phone.

The new version of Android Messages, v3.2, offers you a shortcut to copy the 2FA code included in text messages. This shortcut is present in both the notification for the message as well as in the main Android Messages app.

This update to Android Messages is now rolling out. If you haven’t gotten it yet and are feeling impatient, you can sideload the app from APK Mirror.

This is a pretty nifty addition to Android Messages. Having 2FA is a great way to secure your account, but it can be annoying to manually copy 2FA codes or try to remember them and enter them into your apps. Now Android Messages makes using 2FA codes much easier, which could encourage people to use 2FA more.

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