Android Auto redesign with dark theme and navigation bar officially begins rolling out

Android Auto redesign app launcher

Android Auto users began seeing the updated version of Google’s in-car software last night, and now the rollout has been officially confirmed.

Google says that the Android Auto redesign that was announced back in May has starting going out to users. If your car has Android Auto support, then you should see the new design sometime in the next few weeks.

The Android Auto update is a big once, bringing several new features and usability improvements. These include better readability thanks to a dark theme and colorful accents that match your car’s interior. Android Auto can also morph itself to fit on widescreen displays, giving your apps and navigation more space.

Android Auto redesign navigation bar

Also included is a new app launcher that’ll help you get to the app you’re looking for more quickly; a notification button that’ll house all your recent calls, messages, and other alerts; and a navigation bar that’ll help you manage and use multiple apps, like pausing a song on Spotify or just moving straight to the backgrounded app with one tap. There are also new icons with a Google Assistant badge, like Calendar and Weather, that’ll have the Assistant read you your requested info when you tap on the icon.

Android Auto makes getting to your preferred navigation app easier by displaying it right when you connect to Android Auto, and if you already have a route queued up on your phone, Android Auto will automatically show the directions and begin routing you. And speaking of automatic, starting up Android Auto will also automatically begin playing your music or podcast where you left off.

Android Auto redesign media playback

This looks like a huge update to Android Auto, making it much easier to control music, get directions, and see notifications while keeping you safe behind the wheel. If you use Android Auto, be sure to watch for this update in the coming weeks.

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