Android Auto now shows weather conditions in status bar

Android Auto local weather conditions icon

Android Auto can display lots of useful information on your car’s screen, and today it’s gaining another piece of info to show you.

The Android Auto status bar can now show you what your local weather is like. Previously it would only show the temperature, but as noted by Android Police and folks on Reddit, there’s now an icon that’ll tell you what the conditions are like outside your vehicle, too.

So far there have been a few different icons spotted. There’s a sun or a moon for when the weather is clear, a cloud for cloudy weather, and a snowflake when it’s snowing. It’s likely that there’s at least an icon for raining, too.

You should see this weather icon pop up in your status bar soon if you have the weather toggle enabled for Android Auto. You can do this by opening the the app launcher in your car, opening the Settings app, then unlocking your phone to get to the weather toggle.

The addition of a weather indicator for Android Auto might seem kind of strange since you could also just look out your car’s window to see what the weather is like, but hey, we’re not going to complain about Android Auto getting another piece of glanceable info.

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