Android 11 Developer Preview page briefly appears

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Our first taste of Android 11 might be close.

Google today briefly put up an Android 11 Developer Preview page on its Android Developers website. The page was taken down shortly after it went live, but the folks at Android Police spotted it and got some screenshots before Google was able to get rid of the evidence.

Unfortunately, none of the external links were updated for Android 11, so it’s not like anyone was actually able to download Android 11 onto their Pixel while the page was live.

The brief appearance of this Android 11 Developer Preview page suggests that Google could be getting ready to offer the beta update for real. The thing is that we don’t know exactly when that could be.

Last year the first Android Q Developer Preview was released on March 13th, so releasing the Android 11 Developer Preview in the next week or two would be awfully early. That could happen, of course, but someone at Google may have just accidentlly pulled the trigger on the page early and we could still be waiting a month or so for the first Android 11 beta.

What changes would you like to see Google make in Android 11?

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