Amazon sale on PC products includes microSD card deals

SanDisk 200GB microSD card

Amazon is running a sale on PC accessories today, which means it’s a good time to stock up on storage for your mobile devices.

The Amazon Deal of the Day is now offering discounts on a few different microSD cards. You can get a SanDisk 200GB microSD card for $25.00, which ties this card’s all-time low price. There’s also a SanDisk Extreme 256GB microSD card on sale for $43.19, offering more storage and faster read speeds, including 4K UHD support.

If you need even more storage, you can get a SanDisk Extreme 512GB microSD card for $139.99. That’s an all-time low price for this particular card, meaning you can add half a terabyte of storage to your phone, tablet, or gaming console for a good price.

There are lots of other PC products on sale at Amazon today, too. There’s a Corsair wireless gaming mouse for $59.99, a Western Digital 500GB NVMe internal SSD for $85.99, and a USB-C flash drive with 128GB of storage for $21.59. You can score a WD 2TB portable external hard drive for $63.99, a WD 6TB desktop external hard drive for $95.96, or a WD Black 2TB internal HDD for $89.99. There are even full-on computers on sale, like a Dell Insprion 14 2-in-1 laptop for $349.99 and a Dell Insprion Gaming Desktop computer for $649.99.

These deals will only be available today, so if any of them catch your eye, you’ll want to act soon.

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