Amazon reportedly building wireless earbuds with fitness tracking and a ‘bulkier’ Echo device

Amazon unveiled a new Echo Plus device (above) last year and is reportedly working on a “bulkier” smart speaker. (GeekWire Photo / Nat Levy)

Watch out, Apple and FitBit — Amazon is making its own wireless earbuds with fitness-related features.

That’s according to a story from CNBC, which reported Monday that Amazon’s Alexa-powered wireless earbuds will be able to measure distance run, calories burned, and pace — all while costing under $100.

The earbuds would align with Amazon’s ambition to get its Alexa voice assistant everywhere. It would also be Amazon’s first attempt at a health monitoring device; the company is investing in healthcare via its joint venture Haven and other areas of the company.

CNBC’s reporting follows a Bloomberg story from this past April about Amazon’s earbuds.

Apple’s popular AirPods, which debuted more than two years ago, range from $159 to $199. Amazon is known to undercut competition by lowering the price of its hardware.

We’ve reached out to Amazon for comment.

CNBC also reported Monday that Amazon is developing a “bulkier” Echo device with better sound quality. Amazon currently sells three versions of its Echo: the $49.99 Echo Dot; the $99.99 2nd generation Echo, which is unavailable to purchase as of Monday; and the $149.99 Echo Plus.

The Seattle tech giant is hosting a media event on Wednesday, likely to show off new and updated gadgets.

Amazon held a similar event last year when it unveiled more than a dozen new devices, putting Alexa into everything from microwaves to sound systems to car dashboards. Alexa will surely be in the spotlight again this year.

Earlier this month, Amazon unveiled a number of new Fire TV devices, including a new smart soundbar, a second-generation Fire TV Cube and more.

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