Amazon removes extremist items from e-commerce marketplace after backlash


Amazon private these equipment after researchers identified them. (Images around Partnership for Working Families and ACRE)

Amazon has pulled equipment with Nazi and extremist symbolism from a website after advocacy groups lifted concerns about a content, according to mixed reports.

Earlier this month, The Action Center on Race The Economy and Partnership for Working Families expelled a study identifying dozens of products with Nazi and white jingoist imagery for sale on

The news stirred Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) to write a minute to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos seeking a association to mislay a items. The minute also asked how many income Amazon has done off of a promotion and how a association enforces a policies opposite disgusting content. Amazon forbids “products that foster or worship hatred, violence, racial, passionate or eremite dogmatism or foster organizations with such views” on a site.

Amazon responded this week with a minute from a open routine VP Brian Huseman, performed by The New York Times. Amazon did not divulge how many income it had done on a equipment identified in a news though pronounced they have been removed. Amazon also blocked a accounts offered a extremist items, according to a Huseman letter.

“We have limited a register to forestall it from being sole and are in a routine of stealing it from a accomplishment centers,” a minute says.

But a hunt on still reveals a series of equipment that foster a white supremacist agenda, such as George Lincoln Rockwell’s “White Power.” The seller describes a content as “the final and many absolute book created by a owner of a American Nazi Party.” Items with swastikas and Confederate flags are also accessible in a Amazon marketplace.

Amazon could not immediately be reached for comment. In Huseman’s letter, he says, “we closely guard and respond to approach patron feedback and outmost celebration notices of product pages in defilement of a law or a policies, and we commence active measures to safeguard routine correspondence regulating worldly technology.”

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