Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sells more than $1.8B in stock, new regulatory filings show

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. (GeekWire File Photo)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sold more than $1.8 billion in stock in transactions starting on Friday, according to regulatory filings made public Tuesday.

  • Bezos sold more than 905,000 shares of Amazon stock at prices ranging from $2,003 per share to more than $2,050 per share, the filings show.
  • Amazon stock soared after its blockbuster quarterly earnings report on Thursday, as the company posted $87.4 billion in revenue, up 21 percent from the year-ago quarter, with profits well ahead of Wall Street expectations. Significant stock sales by top corporate executives are often made based on a schedule set out in advance.
  • Bezos said in 2017 that he was selling $1 billion a year to fund his Blue Origin space venture, but he has been increasing the size and frequency of the stock sales. He sold $2.8 billion worth of Amazon stock last August. Amazon declined to comment on the latest stock sale. There’s also no comment from Blue Origin, which is ramping up work on its New Shepard suborbital spaceship, New Glenn orbital-class rocket and Blue Moon lunar lander.

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