Amazon Alexa can now be set as the default assistant on Android

Amazon Echo Dot hands-on

Some people are really committed to Alexa, using Amazon’s assistant on Echo devices around their home and in the Alexa app. Now Android users can make Alexa their default assistant on their phone.

It’s been discovered that you can now set Alexa as the default assistant on Android phones. To call up Alexa, just long press the home button. Amazon Alexa doesn’t work with voice prompts like “Okay Google” and squeezing the sides of Google’s Pixel 2 phones, though, because those are reserved for the Google Assistant.

Amazon Alexa default Android assistant

Despite those limitations, the ability to set Alexa as the default assistant on Android is still a big deal. Amazon has done a lot of work to develop Alexa, and a lot of developers and companies have developed skills for Alexa as well. Because of this and  the popularity of Amazon’s Echo devices, we could see a lot of Android users opting to name Alexa as their default assistant.

If you could choose any assistant to be the default on your phone, which would you choose?

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