Ally Bank updates their Windows Phone app as a UWP Windows 10 application

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Last couple of months there have been many articles published
in regards to many of the premier and large banks killing their
Windows Phone application to move and build new features for
iOS and Android.

Today we are bringing some positive news for Windows Phone
users with one of their long serving banking application Ally
Bank has pushed out a new update for its existing Windows Phone

The latest update bumps the Windows Phone app to a Universal
Windows Application for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.
The update also comes with some great new features which now
are available for Ally Bank users both on their Windows 10
desktops and Windows 10 Mobile.

Ally Bank already supports most of the banking features like
Deposit of checks via the new Ally eCheck Deposit option,
transferring money between Ally Bank and accounts with other

The customers also have the option to check their transaction
history along with scheduling payments, paying bills and
reviewing the payment history. The bank also offers users with
option to search nearby ATMs.

Like most other bank, Ally bank also offers its customers
investing options by letting them trade in stocks directly from
their mobile device. The customers can also view their
investments with streaming quotes and can also use charting
tools to have a technical analysis of the stocks they have
invested in.

The transactions done via online banking are encrypted with
secure technology to protect the bank accounts of users from
any fraudulent transactions or online fishing. The bank also
provide users with security codes which act as an additional
layer of protection when logging in from any other desktop
which is not recognized by the system.

As reported the latest update to the Ally Bank converts the
Windows Phone application to a full UWP app and is available
for download on both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile from the
Microsoft Store.

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