After expanding support, Microsoft Edge now has 600 million users

Microsoft Edge market share

Since the disconnection of Internet Explorer and Microsoft’s
bad handling of Edge browser (originally known as Spartan),
Microsoft browser market share has decreased significantly as
users switched to other browsers like Google Chrome and

After Microsoft failed to galvanize interest in its Edge
browser, the company retooled Edge to be a Chromium-based
browser, an open-source code that powers Chrome, Vivaldi and
other browsers.

Microsoft Edge seems to have benefited from the Chromium
and cross-platform approach, according to independent market
share report and a new job listing from the company.

While Chrome is still the most popular web browser today,
sitting comfortably at 65% + market share, Microsoft says Edge
is growing in popularity.

Edge market share
Image Courtesy: NetMarketShare (October 2020)

Microsoft recently made an interesting claim about Edge usage.
According to the company, Edge now has more than 600 million
users, thanks to the general availability on Windows, macOS,
Android, iOS, macOS, and now Linux.

“With the general availability, Edge has already reached 600
million customers and is taking a fresh approach to browsing,”
Microsoft noted in
a job listing for Principal Software Engineer role in India.

Microsoft Edge 600 million
Image Courtesy: Microsoft Careers

The rise in Edge’s market share is mainly due to quality
improvements and Microsoft’s aggressive marketing strategy. For
those unaware, Windows 10’s OOBE (out of the box experience)
screen now also comes with a
full-screen recommendation for Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge quality improvements

Over the past few months, more users have grown to like
Microsoft Edge, thanks to its use of Chromium, which gives Edge
the same feature set as Chrome. Unlike Chrome, Microsoft Edge
is faster and has a snappy scrolling experience.

In addition to improved performance, Edge also includes a solid
number of features – Collections, Vertical Tabs, Smart Copy,
Sidebar search, Favorites, Reading List, a new history page,
customizable New Tab Page, and built-in tracking protection.

Microsoft Edge currently stands just fine on its own as a solid
browser alternative to Chrome and the browser has almost
doubled its market share despite being only a year out of beta.

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