Advantages and Disadvantages of Android 2.2 Phones

Advantages and Disadvantages of Android 2.2 Phones
Advantages and Disadvantages of Android 2.2 Phones

AndroidTechNews.Com – The use of smartphones or smartphones with Android 2.2 operating system, now it can no longer be stopped, with its advanced features will increasingly make users feel more spoiled so that it will certainly facilitate various activities such as listening to music, watching videos, checking email, chat, browsing, facebook or twitter, and Google Play and other virtual activities.

Because of the growing number of brands and types of smartphones, here is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of some types of Android smartphones using the Android 2.2 Operating System. Maybe it can help sort out which smartphone device is suitable and able to meet your needs.

The advantages of Android 2.2 phones

Android is a flexible system. Users can combine Apps, Folders, and Widgets with each other and download other interfaces on the Android market. The info bar is useful for users, for example, to find out which apps (apps) are active. The browser is quite fast, including when opening a website with flash. What’s interesting is that users can cancel paid application purchases and get their money back. The condition, cancellation is done within 15 minutes after the transaction. The app can communicate with each other and use contacts and schedules.

Lack of Android 2.2 phones

Android compared to iOS, Android is still intuitive. Users still need time to find several systems and third-party file managers. In addition to inaccurate search functions, there are also many useless “junk” applications. Lastly, without a credit card, there is only a free application. Prospective buyers also need to be careful because there are still some Android1.6 smartphones on the market and don’t offer official updates from the manufacturer.

In general, the lack of Android 2.2 phones can be done as follows

Wasteful of Batteries

The famous Android handset is wasteful of batteries, this is understandable because of the effects of the many features of Android, especially the 3G, Maps and GPS features. Actually, almost every smartphone is also wasteful of batteries, if you want to save, turn off unnecessary features.

Does not support JAVA

The programming language for making programs on Android is Java, but Java that is used is not compatible with J2ME, this is because Android only “borrows” the language, but the library and user interface are different, for J2ME programmers who want to make Android programs forced to learn again from the beginning and for the user, the favorite application will not run on Android

Too Google Centric

Android is an open source product from Google and Open Handset Alliance, which is why applications that are on Android are very integrated with Google services, say Email using Gmail, Calendar using Google Calendar, even until the Contact is stored in Gmail Contact. For Google fans, this is an advantage in itself, but for users who are not familiar with Google products, this is quite troublesome because they have to adjust their habits.

Lots of Malware

The superiority of Android phones is apparently inseparable from the reduction of Android, the relatively new mobile OS is apparently very vulnerable to malware. The security Android feature can be said to be lacking. However, currently, on Google Play, there are many antivirus and security applications that can secure your Android phone.

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