Adaptive Cards and Microsoft Pay are coming to Outlook


At Microsoft’s annual developer conference Build 2018,
Microsoft officially announced that Adaptive Cards is coming to
the Outlook 2016 and as well.

Last year at Build 2017, Microsoft announced Actionable
Messages in order to let users get things done instantly. The
purpose of the Actionable Message is to allow users to perform
various actions without leaving Outlook. And after seeing
significant growth within few months Microsoft expanding the
capability of Actionable Messages.

With the use of Adaptive Cards Microsoft bringing support for
payments in Outlook. Adaptive Cards are an open card
exchange format that is supported across Outlook, Windows in
the Timeline View, Teams and within Cortana.

Basically, Adaptive Cards will allow developers to exchange UI
content in a common and consistent way. We receive so many
emails that require and imply actions such as
approving report or assigning a task to a team member.
With the help of the Adaptive Cards, developers can change the
user engagement with them and completely transform the
workflow, and conversations into actions.

Microsoft worked with GitHub, Asana, and Limeade to bring the
first set of Actionable Messages with Adaptive Cards. The aim
of the Adaptive Cards is to lower the friction of getting
things done. Furthermore, Microsoft made it easier to build an
actionable message using adaptive cards. You can check out this
documentation for more details.

Apart from this Microsoft also integrating Microsoft Pay in the
Outlook. With this integration, a user will be able to make
payment instantly and more securely within an email. Microsoft
already partnered with Stripe and Braintree payment
gateway, billing services including Zuora, and invoicing
services including FreshBooks, Intuit, Invoice2Go, Sage, Wave,
and Xero. Microsoft also working closely with Fiserv too.

Adaptive Cards are now supported for Actionable Messages within
web-based Outlook clients, and in upcoming months it will soon
be supported in Outlook 2016 for Windows.

Microsoft also pointed out that payments in Outlook will roll
out in phases. So, initially, only small number of
user’s will get it but in upcoming months it will be available
more broadly.

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